20 Sep 2019 13:51

Nineteen-strong United Russia faction formed in Moscow City Duma

MOSCOW. Sept 20 (Interfax) - Nineteen people joined the United Russia Party's faction in the Moscow City Duma at the legislature's first session on Thursday after a September 8 election, the faction's head Stepan Orlov told reporters.

"The faction was formed today. It includes 19 deputies at this point," Orlov said.

In all, 25 deputies backed by the United Russia Party were elected to the Moscow City Duma.

During the election campaign, United Russia representatives did not hide their party affiliation and took part in party primaries, Orlov said.

Lawmaker Lyudmila Stebenkova, in turn, said that United Russia representatives who ran as independent candidates were able to earlier launch their election campaign, without having to wait for the party's conference and other bureaucratic procedures.

Moscow City Duma member Yelena Nikolayeva, for her part, told reporters that in addition to the party factions, the 'My Moscow' group has also been formed in the Moscow legislature. Nikolayeva also said that she heads this new group of deputies.

"The 'My Moscow' group consists of five deputies. One more deputy has not yet decided whether to join [the United Russia faction] or the My Moscow group," she said.

Thirteen representatives from the Communist Party of Russia, four from the Yabloko party and three from A Just Russia also hold seats in the Moscow City Duma. The deputies who joined the 'My Moscow' group ran in the September 8 election with the support of United Russia.

The previous Moscow legislature also had a similar pro-government 'My Moscow' group.