20 Sep 2019 14:10

U.S. general's statement on penetration of Kaliningrad air defense indicates preparations for preemptive strike - MP Klintsevich

MOSCOW. Sept 20 (Interfax) - The United States needs a plan to penetrate Russia's air defense system in Kaliningrad not for protection, but for a preventive strike, yet Russia has securely secured its borders, said Franz Klintsevich, a member of the Federation Council Defense Committee.

"Of course, the development of such plans by the Pentagon did not come as a surprise to Russia, and we have taken every step to nip them in the bud," Klitsevich's press service quoted his comment on the remark by U.S. Air Forces in Europe Commander Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian, who said the U.S. was ready to break through Kaliningrad air defense threatening NATO countries, if necessary.

"Every reservation made by Harrigian regarding a 'prompt' response to possible 'Russian aggression' in Europe are not worth a rap, as the United States is actually preparing for a preemptive strike," he said.

"They won't scare Russia," Klintsevich added.

"There is such a term in chess as 'redundant defense'. This happens when the number of pieces protecting a key position exceeds the number of attacking pieces. Now that NATO troops are standing on the European doorstep of Russia, 'redundant' defense of all our outposts, which naturally include Kaliningrad, is a vital need," he said.