20 Sep 2019 19:40

AgMin presents revised draft program for development of sector through 2025

MOSCOW. Sept 20 (Interfax) - The Russian agriculture ministry has presented a revised draft state program for the development of the sector through 2025.

The document and a draft government resolution have been published on the regulation.gov.ru website.

The program was previously envisaged to last through 2020, having begun in 2013.

According to the passport of the program, overall financing for 2020 will total 748.059 billion rubles, including 285.571 billion rubles from the federal budget. Funding for 2021 is envisaged at 754.733 billion rubles (292.898 billion rubles), for 2022 at 843.048 billion rubles (328.918 billion rubles), for 2024 at 845.76 billion rubles (353.625 billion rubles) and for 2025, at 863.438 billion rubles (368.123 billion rubles).

According to an explanatory note, the project portion of the state program includes federal projects such as "Agro-industrial exports" and "Development of a support system for farmers and rural cooperatives," as well as ministry projects including "Development of agricultural sectors providing for accelerated import substitution of the principal types of agricultural products, feedstock and food," "Stimulating of investment activities in the agricultural sector," "Technical modernization of the agricultural sector," as well as the "Development of melioration" ministry program.

As for the "Digital agriculture" project, the ministry said that its timeliness is highlighted by increased demand on the part of agricultural businesses for development of a national digital system, as well as the significant potential for development of innovative digital technologies.

The 2019 budget law envisages 50 billion rubles for implementation of the project. At the same time, the ministry has requested additional budget allocations of 15.546 billion rubles for 2020-2022, including 3.8 billion rubles for 2020, 7.2 billion rubles for 2021 and 4.6 billion rubles for 2022.