23 Sep 2019 20:32

Tbilisi describes Putin's order to upgrade Abkhaz army as continuation of "Russia's annexation policy"

TBILISI. Sept 23 (Interfax) - Tbilisi is negative towards Russian President Vladimir Putin's order to sign an agreement between Russia and Abkhazia on the provision of financing to upgrade the Abkhaz Armed Forces.

"This decision is Russia's yet another illegal step to integrate the Georgian regions into its political and military space, which is a continuation of Russia's annexation policy," Georgian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Vladimir Konstantinidi told journalists on Monday.

The Georgian side will use all opportunities to inform its partners about this issue, including the format of the debates at the ongoing United Nations General Assembly, he said.

The leader of the Georgian parliamentarian majority, Giorgi Volski, told journalists that all of Russia's talks and actions in relation to its weapons serve the same purpose - "to confront the rest of the world with its militarist plans."

On September 23, Russian President Putin ordered the government to sign an agreement between Russia and Abkhazia to finance the expenses on the upgrade of the Abkhaz Armed Forces.