24 Sep 2019 16:20

MP Krasheninnikov criticizes idea to blacklist judges

MOSCOW. Sept 24 (Interfax) - State Duma State Building and Legislation Committee Chairman Pavel Krasheninnikov has described business ombudsman Boris Titov's idea to compile a blacklist of judges as "disgraceful."

"I think it's disgraceful. If we start making blacklists for occupations, that's wrong," Krasheninnikov said at a press conference at Interfax.

If there are some documented stories with proof in relation to a specific judge, "all those documents must be submitted, there are qualification boards which can review this in terms of the regulation, and there are quite a lot of such cases," he said.

"I believe forming blacklists is disgraceful, and you can't show your attitude toward justice in this way," Krasheninnikov said.

It casts doubt on other initiatives existing in the sector of judicial administration, he said. "Well, you have to control yourself and stay within the boundaries," he said.

At the same time, Krasheninnikov said that he knows Titov well and they have good relations, but he does not agree with him in this case.

Titov said earlier that he was going to make a blacklist of Russian judges and to initiate an expert evaluation of court rulings. "We are set to make a blacklist of Russian judges. A special expert group will be established to evaluate court rulings," Titov wrote on Facebook on September 18.