25 Sep 2019 17:14

Zelensky says he sees putting end to war, regaining occupied territories as his priorities

KYIV. Sept 25 (Interfax) - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said putting an end to the war in Donbas and regaining Ukrainian territories are his primary objectives, but this cannot be attained at the cost of Ukrainian citizens' lives and Ukraine's right to make its own choice.

"Putting an end to the war, regaining all occupied Ukrainian territories and the triumph of peace are my objectives. But not at the cost of our citizens' lives, freedom, or Ukraine's right to make its own choice," Zelensky said in his speech at the UN General Assembly session in New York City.

A strong leader in the modern world is make decisions about war lightly and values life, he said.

"Don't think war is somewhere far away. The methods in which it is waged, technology and weapons have made our planet not that big," Zelensky said.

"This means that each leader bears responsibility not only for the fate of their own country, but also for the fate of the entire world. In my view, all of us should realize that a strong leader is not someone who sends thousands of soldiers to their doom without batting an eyelid. A strong leader is someone who cares for the life of every person," he said.