27 Sep 2019 14:27

Pension Fund confirms 119-year-old woman lives in Moscow

MOSCOW. Sept 27. (Interfax) - A woman born in 1900 actually lives in northern Moscow, the Russian Pension Fund's branch in Moscow and the Moscow region told Interfax.

"Two women aged 110 and older - one born in 1900 who lives in the Koptevo neighborhood of the Moscow Northern Administrative District and the other born in 1909 who lives in the Basmanny neighborhood of the Moscow Central Administrative District - are receiving social benefits," the branch said in response to Interfax's enquiry on Friday.

It declined to disclose names and other personal details of the long-lived women due to legal requirements.

As of September 19, Moscow had 807 pensioners aged a hundred years and older.

RBC said on Thursday that the oldest woman on the planet, aged 119, might be living in Moscow. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the woman's runner-up is Kane Tanaka, 116, who lived in the Japanese city of Fukuoka as of March 9.