4 Oct 2019 19:35

Protesters have own, wrong interpretation of Steinmeier formula - Zelensky

ZHYTOMYR. Oct 4 (Interfax) - Activists protesting near the Ukrainian Presidential Office have their own explanation of the Steinmeier formula, which differs from its real essence, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

"I understand why they are doing it - they have their own explanation of the Steinmeier Formula, it differs from the real one, from the one that is implied. I've explained already, and it seems to me that everything is substantive, safe, and clear to everyone there," Zelensky told journalists in Zhytomyr on Friday.

Zelensky did not answer directly when asked whether Russia has guaranteed to withdraw its troops from the Russian-Ukrainian border, adding that "issues will be resolved at a Normandy-format meeting."

Zelensky said in a video address concerning the Steinmeier Formula on Thursday: "This formula speaks only about one thing - about when the so-called legislation on Donbas's special status has to take effect, namely, after local elections are held there, and they will be held in line with the Ukrainian constitution, in line with Ukrainian laws, and after the OSCE releases a report acknowledging that the elections were held in keeping with international democratic standards. This is what Ukraine agreed to in Minsk."