8 Oct 2019 10:43

Extra police forces deployed in Zolote, Luhansk region - Ukrainian National Police deputy head

KYIV. Oct 8 (Interfax) - Additional police forces are present in the town of Zolote in the Luhansk region to help maintain security and public order during the disengagement of the sides' forces in the area, deputy chief of the Ukrainian National Police Vadym Troyan said.

"The one and only objective of all of these additional measures is to [ensure] the tranquility and safety of Ukrainian citizens," Troyan said.

Head of the National Police department for the Luhansk region Serhiy Kolesnik, for his part, announced a readiness to respond to any reports from citizens round-the-clock.

"We are ready round-the-clock to immediately respond to any calls or reports from residents," Kolesnik said.

Troyan said that 36 members of the Special Tasks Patrol Police have been brought in from the Kirovohrad and Luhansk regions to reinforce patrols.

Zolote and Katerynivka of the Popasna district in the Luhansk region have a full-fledged police station manned by a district police officer, he said.