8 Oct 2019 17:38

Federation Council commission to contact Investigative Committee on subject of potential foreign meddling in last election campaign

MOSCOW. Oct 8 (Interfax) - The Federation Council commission for the protection of national sovereignty will turn to the Investigative Committee after uncovering instances of interference in domestic affairs during a recent election campaign, and will invite Google and Facebook representatives to the meeting.

"Following the discussion, the commission members decided to send a query to the Russian Investigative Committee and to also invite Google and Facebook representatives to the meeting to prevent potential further use of their online platforms for unlawful rallies on Russian territory," according to a document prepared for the commission's meeting in the Federation Council on Tuesday.

The senators are particularly worried by "direct calls for mass disturbances in Moscow, which were circulated in Russian by a number of western media outlets, including on the website of the United States Embassy, and direct political campaign advertising on foreign information resources on the 'silence day' and on election day," the commission said.