9 Oct 2019 18:27

Russian Justice Ministry identifies U.S. company, Spanish individual who transferred money to Anti-Corruption Foundation

MOSCOW. Oct 9 (Interfax) - The money transferred to the Anti-Corruption Foundation led by Alexei Navalny from abroad, which the Russian Justice Ministry saw as a reason to designate the organization as a foreign agent, came from a U.S. company selling doors and a Spanish national selling cars, the ministry said.

In particular, the Anti-Corruption Foundation received financing from the U.S.-based company Star-Doors.Com LLC and certain Roberto Fabio Monda Cardenas, a Spanish citizen.

According to information from open sources, Star-Doors.Com sells doors in the U.S., while Roberto Fabio Monda Cardenas, a Spanish citizen, sells cars.

The Justice Ministry said earlier on Wednesday that it put the Anti-Corruption Foundation on the list of foreign agents. It said its Moscow unit determined facts giving grounds for designating the foundation as a foreign agent in the course of an inspection of its operations.

Navalny himself has said the foundation "has never received a kopeck of foreign money."