11 Oct 2019 19:40

Vikhareva of Party of Changes denies planning protest for Oct 13 in Moscow

MOSCOW. Oct 11 (Interfax) - Elvira Vikhareva, a member of the federal political council of the Moscow division of the Party of Changes, has said that she did not plan any protests for October 13.

"They caught me in the street today, read me a warning. They didn't explain why they were trying to issue me a warning. I asked them to show me some valid papers at least, but nothing was shown. Nothing was planned for October 13. No rallies - we have looked on the newswires - were announced for the coming days by other people as well," Vikhareva told Interfax on Friday.

She said she had received a warning from the regional security and corruption prevention department of the Moscow mayor's office three days ago stating that she had no right to hold an unauthorized rally on a different date.

The Moscow prosecutors issued a warning to Vikhareva earlier on Friday for calling for an unauthorized rally on October 13.

"Calls for participation in a mass public event, a march on Moscow's Red Square, which is expected to be held on October 13, 2019, are being made on the Internet, including on social networking sites," the press service for the Moscow prosecutors told Interfax.

The event is not authorized by the Moscow executive administration, the prosecutors said.

At the same time, Vikhareva has reposted on her Telegram channel a report on a rally in support of Konstantin Kotov, who is implicated in the "Moscow case," which was announced by his friends and which is scheduled for October 13.