15 Oct 2019 17:49

Patrushev commemorates Soviet internationalist servicemen in Havana

HAVANA. Oct 15 (Interfax) - Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev laid a wreath to the Memorial to Soviet Internationalist Servicemen in Havana on Tuesday.

Following the wreath-laying ceremony, Patrushev awarded several veterans of the Cuban Interior Ministry with honorary signs of the Russian Security Council "for their substantial contribution to preserving the gains of the Cuban revolution." For their part, the decorated persons expressed gratitude to the Russian side, specifically for the assistance in training officers of the Cuban Interior Ministry, technical support, and information sharing.

Following the awarding ceremony, the delegation led by Patrushev went to the Cuban Interior Ministry, where security consultations will be held with the republic's Interior Minister, Julio Bermejo, and representatives of other Cuban institutions.

Patrushev arrived on a two-day visit to Cuba on October 15 to hold security consultations. He is accompanied by Deputy Secretaries of the Security Council Alexander Venediktov and Oleg Khramov, State Secretary and Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov, Commander of the Ground Troops Oleg Salyukov, and State Secretary and Deputy Director of the Russian National Guard Oleg Plokhoi, and representatives of other institutions.

The Memorial to Soviet Internationalist Servicemen was unveiled in Havana on February 23, 1978 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Union Armed Forces.