15 Oct 2019 20:57

Kyiv finds disengagement of forces in Donbas without 7-day ceasefire impossible

KYIV. Oct 15 (Interfax) - Donbas militiamen are continuing to violate the ceasefire in the area of the town of Zolote in the Luhansk Region and the village of Petrivske in the Donetsk Region; the disengagement of forces on these pilot sections so far is impossible due to that, Darka Olifer, spokeswoman of Ukraine's Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) envoy Leonid Kuchma, said.

"The Ukrainian side clearly said that this disengagement could be carried out only under the condition of a seven-day ceasefire on these sections," Olifer wrote on Facebook following the TCG meeting in Minsk on Tuesday.

Militiamen are continuing to deploy tanks and mortars along the disengagement line in violation of the Minsk Agreements, she added.

Meanwhile, Kyiv accused militiamen of hampering the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) patrols' access to the entire territory outside Ukraine's control in Donbas, specifically the Ukrainian-Russian border section.