16 Oct 2019 17:36

Defense industry should meet demand for medical, construction hardware, recycling equipment - Putin

NOVO-OGARYOVO. Oct 16 (Interfax) - Defense enterprises can participate in national projects and largely meet the demand for medical, construction and recycling equipment, which requires over 6 trillion rubles, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Now these organizations, apart from their core specialties, are facing the massive task of increasing their output of civilian high-tech products which would be sought-after and competitive both domestically and globally, Putin said at a meeting which focused on the financial rehabilitation of the national defense industry on Wednesday.

"A wide field for sales of such products is opening up in the framework of implementing our national projects. Of particular need are medical, road-construction hardware, telecommunications systems, and the equipment for processing wastes and garbage," Putin said.

Experts put the potential demand for such products at "about 6.2 trillion rubles. And a major part of this demand should be met precisely by domestic manufacturers," Putin said.