17 Oct 2019 16:46

Some 8,000 militants concentrated on Afghan-Tajik border - CIS Council of Border Guard Troops Commanders

MINSK. Oct 17 (Interfax) - A large number of militants have concentrated on the Afghan-Tajik border, the CIS Council of Border Guard Troops Commanders said.

"According to the heads of the border guard agencies, the most difficult situation is now on the Tajik-Afghan border. A large number of militants, the Taliban [banned in Russia] and members of the Islamic State [ISIL, banned in Russia] have recently arrived there," Alexander Manilov, the head of the coordination service of the CIS Council of Border Guard Troops Commanders, told reporters in Minsk on Thursday.

Some 8,000 militants who have arrived from the conflict areas, Syria, Iraq and other regions, are located there, he said, citing the council's estimations.

"Most of them are people from the Caucasus regions, Africa, people of various ethnic origins," he said.

In this regard, the Council has made a number of decisions on toughening security measures, Manilov said. "In particular, the border guard agencies were considering a document on the program to strengthen border security on this track [the Tajik-Afghan border]," Manilov said.