22 Oct 2019 14:14

New Russian Human Rights Council head says plans to involve predecessor in council's work

MOSCOW. Oct 22 (Interfax) - Newly appointed Chairman of the Russian Presidential Human Rights Council Valery Fadeyev has said that he plans to involve the council's former head Mikhail Fedotov and other former members who have recently resigned in the council's work.

"In accordance with the provision, a council member automatically becomes an expert of the council when he or she resigns from it. Mikhail Alexandrovich [Fedotov] and all others who have either resigned or have been dismissed automatically became the council's experts. I greatly value Mikhail Alexandrovich. Of course, I will invite him [to contribute to the council's work]. He has enormous experience. And if he wants, if he agrees, I will be pleased to invite him, as well as all others," Fadeyev told Interfax on Tuesday.

When asked who will finish the council's report to the president, Fadeyev said, "Obviously, I will."

Fadeyev said earlier that he would meet with the council's members after a community forum which will be held at the end of next week.

He also said that he plans "to listen to the opinion of the council members, what the main guidelines are, and what needs to be adjusted, and then I will outline my position," promising to make this meeting open.

Fadeyev additionally said that he is not going to change the council's composition in the coming months.

"As regards the composition, I don't have any reason at the moment to put forth any suggestions to the president regarding changes to it. Rather, I need to start by changing the council's work. We shall see. It will take several months at least. There is no need to make a fuss."