24 Oct 2019 20:02

U.S. Embassy in Moscow renews call for Whelan release

MOSCOW. Oct 24 (Interfax) - The United States Embassy has again urged Russian authorities to release Paul Whelan, who is accused of espionage, noting the lack of incriminating evidence.

"300 days in Lefortovo. Without unrestricted legal assistance. Without unrestricted consular access. Without phone calls with family. Without evidence. This is not an open or fair process," the embassy wrote on Twitter.

"Enough is enough - let Paul Whelan go home," it said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, said on Twitter later on Thursday, "[Maria] Butina has been in U.S. jail for a year and a half now. Without evidence. [Viktor] Bout: in U.S. prison for eleven years. Without evidence. Yaroshenko: nine years in U.S. prison. Without evidence. Whelan: caught red-handed while committing an unlawful act. See the difference."