24 Oct 2019 22:04

French National Assembly speaker invites Russia to join elaboration of common views on European history

STRASBOURG. Oct 24 (Interfax) - French National Assembly President Richard Ferrand has invited Russian representatives to participate in elaborating common views on European history.

"I would like to mention a point that is very important for our bilateral relations: France's proposal to set up a center for studies into European history in order to form a common vision of this. And Russia's participation in this work would be of great use," Ferrand said at the meeting with his Russian counterpart, the speaker of State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin on Thursday.

Russia and France have a long history of relations and hence understand each other very well. "We should continue our commitment to strategic dialogue," Ferrand said.

Volodin backed the proposal, which he described as a remarkable initiative.

"We are all interested in seeing history alive today, regardless of politics," Volodin said.

The two parliament speakers additionally agreed on the need to reboot the work of the Russian-French bilateral inter-parliamentary commission. Ferrand proposed finding the right time and place in 2020 to meet and launch the work of the institution. Volodin, in turn, said that it is not important where exactly - in Paris or in Moscow - MPs will gather. "The most important thing for us is to gather together, define the strategy, and get to work," he said.

Volodin also invited Ferrand to visit Russia.