25 Oct 2019 15:59

Medvedev pledges Russia's support for newly appointed Azerbaijani PM

MOSCOW. Oct 25 (Interfax) - Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Ali Hidayat oglu Asadov on his appointment as prime minister of Azerbaijan and shared his experience of work in the post of prime minister with him at a meeting in Skolkovo on Friday.

"I congratulate you on your appointment to the post of prime minister. I wish you every success. You're an experienced man, but, let me assure you, this work is of a different sort, because it's good to be an aide, when you can give some recommendations, or work in the [presidential] administration. I used to work there myself. But here you have to make decisions, sometimes really difficult ones," Medvedev said, adding that Asadov can count on Russia's assistance and support.

"We have advanced relations. Suffice it to say that our countries' mutual trade grew almost 25% in the first eight months of the year. That's an excellent result," Medvedev said.

Asadov, in turn, thanked Medvedev for the congratulations, saying that he is impressed by scale and scope of Russia's Skolkovo Innovation Center.

"I think that subsequently we will be using in our work the suggestions that have already been put forth to make use of innovative and other solutions created here in the bilateral and multilateral formats," Asadov said.