29 Oct 2019 14:39

Investigators to request in-absentia arrest of July 27 case defendant Gubaidulin who left Russia

MOSCOW. Oct 29 (Interfax) - The Moscow Basmanny District Court will process a motion for the in-absentia arrest of Aidar Gubaidulin, who threw a plastic bottle at a police officer during an unpermitted protest and afterward left Russia, lawyer Maxim Pashkov told Interfax on Tuesday.

"Later today, the Basmanny Court will choose an in-absentia measure of restraint for Gubaidulin. The investigators request his arrest," Pashkov said.

A spokesman for the Basmanny Court told Interfax they had received no materials regarding Gubaidulin so far.

Gubaidulin's departure from Russia was reported last week. His lawyer, Pashkov, confirmed the information but declined to provide further details.

The Moscow Meshchansky District Court released Gubaidulin on his own recognizance after it returned his case to the prosecution service and indicated that the charge brought against him was at odds with the actual events.

Investigators amended the bill of indictment and excluded the charge of "attempt to commit an offense." Gubaidulin was accused of a threat of violence against an officer without endangering the latter's life or health.

According to the adjusted bill of indictment, Gubaidulin threw an empty plastic bottle at the officer but missed for reasons beyond his control, thus "not accomplishing the criminal intention."

An unauthorized demonstration took place in the center of Moscow on July 27 to support candidates disqualified from the Moscow City Duma elections of September 8. Over 1,000 protesters were detained by the police. Following the rally, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case of mass riots and several cases of use of violence against representatives of the authorities, in connection with which more than ten people were arrested.