5 Nov 2019 10:22

Oil output in Russia up 1.2% to 466.44 mln t in Jan-Oct

MOSCOW. Nov 5 (Interfax) - Production of oil and gas condensate in Russia totaled 466.44 million tonnes, or 11.25 million barrels per day, in the first ten months of 2019, 1.2% more than a year earlier, the latest data from the Central Dispatching Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex (CDU TEK) show.

Russia produced 47.49 million tonnes, or 11.23 bpd of oil and condensate in October, 1.7% less than a year earlier.

The October figure was down by 1.7% from October 2018, which was taken as the departure point for reducing oil production under an agreement between OPEC and non-OPEC countries.

Rosneft produced 162.51 million tonnes of oil in the first ten months of 2019, including 16.6 million tonnes in October; Lukoil produced 68.48 million tonnes and 6.94 million tonnes, respectively; Surgutneftegas produced 50.54 million tonnes and 5.2 million tonnes; Gazprom Neft produced 32.93 million tonnes and 3.23 million tonnes; Tatneft produced 24.85 million tonnes and 2.5 million tonnes; Slavneft produced 11.65 million tonnes and 1.14 million tonnes; Bashneft produced 15.55 million tonnes and 1.57 million tonnes; Novatek produced 7 million tonnes and 690,690 tonnes; and Russneft produced 5.95 million tonnes and 595,830 tonnes.

Rosneft bought a controlling stake in Bashneft in October 2016, but CDU TEK statistics still count Bashneft's production data separately.

Other resource users, including Gazprom and joint ventures with foreign investment, produced 69.11 million tonnes of crude in the ten months and 7.2 million tonnes in October. CDU TEK does not separately publish data on production by gas giant Gazprom.

The operators of production sharing agreements produced 16.17 million tonnes of crude in the ten months and 1.63 million tonnes of oil in October.