6 Nov 2019 10:26

Govt determines threats to sustainable Runet - source

MOSCOW. Nov 6 (Interfax) - The government has determined a list of threats to the stability, security and integrity of the functioning on the territory of Russia of the Internet and public communication networks, which includes the dissemination of information prohibited in Russia, a source in an agency involved in the work on the document told Interfax.

The draft government decree, which contains a list of threats, is pending the relevant ministries' approval, the source said.

The document defines a threat to the safe functioning in Russia of the Internet and public communication networks as the incapability of a communication network to counter attempts of unauthorized access to its hardware and software, destabilizing internal and external information impacts that may interfere with its work, and also dissemination of information prohibited in Russia.

Besides the threat of access being granted to information or resources to which access is limited under the federal law On Information, the list of security threats includes threats of cyberattacks and other information impact on communication networks, intentional and unintentional, as a result of which their functioning can be disrupted, and also threats of the information online resources of bodies of federal and regional authority and local self-government bodies becoming inaccessible to citizens. It also includes threats to the information security of automatic systems for running the communication systems of operators and technological communication networks, traffic exchange point management systems, technical devices and software of the center for monitoring and running public networks, technical devices for countering threats, the national domain names system, and the critical information infrastructure of Russia.