6 Nov 2019 14:56

Russian court arrests UEC top manager Korshunov detained in Italy in absentia on fraud charges

MOSCOW. Nov 6 (Interfax) - The Basmanny District Court of Moscow has on Wednesday sanctioned the arrest in absentia of United Engine Corporation (UEC) senior manager Alexander Korshunov, who was earlier arrested in Italy at the request of the United States on charges of conspiring to steal a commercial secret.

"The court granted a motion of the investigation imposing a measure of restraint in the form of arrest in absentia on Korshunov, Alexander Yuryevich," court spokesperson Yunona Tsaryova told Interfax.

The court did not specify the nature of the charges.

In Russia, Korshunov was charged in absentia with massive fraud. He has already been declared internationally wanted.

Meanwhile, an informed source told Interfax that this ruling enables the Russian authorities to seek his extradition alongside the U.S. According to the source, the documents requesting Korshunov's extradition to Russia will be submitted to the relevant Italian institutions and Interpol soon.

The U.S. Department of Justice has accused Korshunov, who was detained in Naples at the request of the United States, of conspiring to steal a commercial secret. The charges against Korshunov, aged 57, and Maurizio Paolo Bianchi, aged 59, were brought on August 21. On August 30, Korshunov was arrested at the Naples International Airport in Italy. He was placed at the Poggioreale Prison in Naples.

According to the UEC website, Korshunov is the corporation's director for business development.

On September 5, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russian diplomats had received consular access to the detained man and were providing him with legal support. On the same date, Russian President Vladimir Putin described the arrests of Russians at the request of the U.S. in third countries, including the detention of the UEC specialist, as a factor complicating bilateral relations.