8 Nov 2019 11:15

Antonov: Russia-U.S. dialogue gaining momentum recently

NEW YORK (UN). Nov 8 (Interfax) - Russia will be pleased if U.S. President Donald Trump arrives in Moscow to attend celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II next year, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said.

"We will be glad to welcome U.S. President Donald Trump in Moscow at the festivities. Our countries fought the Nazis together and paid an enormous price for the Victory," Antonov said at a meeting of the U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC) in New York.

"Current attempts of some politicians and pseudo-historians to rewrite history portraying butchers as heroes are resentful and outrageous. Russia and the U.S. have a common goal - not to allow distortion of the truth," he said.

On April 25, Russia and the U.S. will celebrate the anniversary of the meeting of the Soviet and U.S. troops on the Elbe River, he said.

"This event is among the most vibrant examples of our friendship. Unity and mutual support shown during the war days remain an example of how Russia and the U.S. can join forces for the sake of peace and stability," the ambassador said.

"Our bilateral dialogue has recently gained positive momentum," he said.

"We held consultations on strategic stability, counterterrorism and pressing bilateral issues. We successfully continue to exchange our views on North Korea and Afghanistan. Our militaries maintain contacts in Syria. An efficient and highly professional channel of communication was established between the Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces," Antonov said.

"To overcome the negative trend in our relations, it is important to start addressing the problem of stockpiles of 'irritants' in our bilateral relations. These include the arrests of Russian citizens in third countries upon U.S. requests, returning of the Russian diplomatic property, ending the 'visa war', improving of the conditions for the functioning of our diplomatic missions," he said.

"It goes without saying that it is time for Washington to abandon its flawed policy of pressuring other countries with sanctions. The practice has shown: it is impossible to obtain concessions from us by exerting pressure," the high-ranking Russian diplomat said.