10 Nov 2019 18:59

Putin urges Interior Ministry employees to thwart toughly any attempts to split Russian society

MOSCOW. Nov 10 (Interfax) - Employees of the Russian Interior Ministry must counter resolutely the corruption and other crimes, fight strongly terrorism and extremism, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a festive concert on the occasion of the Day of the Employee of the Russian Internal Affairs Bodies on Sunday.

"Today, the bodies of internal affairs, each of their employees should meet the highest requirements and should carry out an effective and systemic work. Your duty is to fight toughly terrorism and extremism, the attempts to incite animosity and split our multiethnic and multi-confessional society. The constant preventive work and the direct dialogue with civil society and members of Russian traditional religions are important here," the head of state said.

He stressed the stamina and responsibility of the employees of police and other Interior Ministry departments in charge of protecting public order and ensuring road security. "It is necessary to act decisively and purposefully in the fight against corruption, organized crime, and drug trafficking. I emphasized on many occasions that, here, the Interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies are receiving and will receive every kind of required support from the society and the state," the Russian president said.

"The situation surrounding migration must be closely supervised, any violations of migration regulations and rules must be uncovered and removed, and open, comfortable and favorable conditions for law-abiding foreign citizens, tourists, entrepreneurs, students, employees, and specialists must be created," Putin added.