13 Nov 2019 12:48

Thirty-two Russian regions choose tourism as their priority - Golodets

MOSCOW. Nov 13 (Interfax) - More than 30 Russian regions have chosen tourism as their absolute priority, which gives young people across the country a chance for professional development, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets told the press at the opening ceremony of the national contest Masters of Hospitality.

"Allow me to congratulate everyone on the beginning of this remarkable event. Industry colleagues are absolutely right when they raise the workforce question. Professional staff is what a quality vacation and customer satisfaction depend upon. This undertaking will allow tourism and hospitality industry professionals not just to develop new professional and educational standards but also to find the new stars capable of managing new hotels, hotel chains, and other facilities. This is a major career challenge for the youth," Golodets said.

The number of regions which view tourism as their primary sector and are involved in the national tourism development program is growing rapidly, she said. "The previous program involved 23 Russian constituent territories. Their number has increased by nine regions, which have chosen the development of tourism as their absolute priority. Now young people all over Russia have a chance to start and develop their career in the tourism industry," Golodets said.

The contest began on November 13. Industry professionals, managers, and heads of tourism and hospitality enterprises who have already established themselves, as well as novices and students are welcome to participate.

The deadline for submission of applications is December 20, 2019. Regional semifinals will take place in nine Russian territories between February and April. The finals, between 200 specialists, will be held in April 2020.

The contest is part of the presidential platform Russia - Country of Opportunity. Golodets chairs its organizing committee.