13 Nov 2019 17:18

Moldovan president decides to nominate own candidate for PM

CHISINAU. Nov 13 (Interfax) - Moldovan President Igor Dodon has said he will nominate his own candidate for prime minister, as the parliamentary parties have assumed opposing positions.

"I've heard opinions from all the factions. As I've said, there are two scenarios following the government's resignation: either a new coalition between the Party of Socialists and the ACUM bloc, which form a new government, or early elections. One option is also the endorsement of a minority government led by a prime minister proposed by the president," Dodon said at a press conference following consultations with the factions on Wednesday.

"I've understood that the Party of Socialists and the ACUM bloc hold diametrically opposed positions. ACUM has assumed an unconstructive position by proposing the same government and the same prime minister that had to resign yesterday. This is the same policy of ultimatums by [previous prime minister] Maia Sandu, which led to the government's resignation," he said.

Dodon said he opposed early elections and therefore would propose his own candidate for prime minister.

"We cannot leave the country without a government for a long time. I'll remind you that responsibility for the situation in the country currently rests with the sitting government. I'll wait for the parties' official reaction to each other's proposals. After that, I'll nominate a candidate for prime minister. If this candidate gets a vote of confidence, we will have a government. If not, then there are going to be early elections. Maia Sandu and the ACUM bloc should bear responsibility for them, as they have provoked this political crisis," Dodon said.

The Moldovan parliament voted for the government led by Prime Minister Maia Sandu to resign on Tuesday. This put an end to the parliamentary majority set up in June by the pro-presidential Party of Socialists (PSRM) and the rightwing ACUM bloc. Dodon held first consultations with the parliamentary factions on Wednesday to discuss nominations for prime minister and the formation of a new government. He said earlier that he might nominate his advisor Ion Chicu for prime minister.