14 Nov 2019 13:47

Three Georgian border violators expelled from S. Ossetia, criminal case opened against well-known doctor

TSKHINVAL. Nov 14 (Interfax) - South Ossetian border guards detained four citizens of Georgia for violating the state border; three of the detainees have been fined. A criminal case has been opened against one person.

"Four citizens of Georgia were detained at a sector of the republic's state border with Georgia near the populated areas of Akhmadz and Orchosan, Leninogorsky district, for illegal crossing of the state border by a border guard unit on November 9 and November 11. These people are Ramazi Archilovich Zadishvili, born in 1961, a resident of Tbilisi, David Irakliyevich Mishelashvili, born in 1977, a resident of the village of Gremiskhevi, Dusheti municipality, Vazha Dzhondoyevich Gaprindashvili, born in 1961, a resident of Tbilisi, and Zurab Zakariyevich Tukhiashvili, born in 1956, a resident of Kodistskaro, Kaspi municipality," the press service for the State Security Committee told Interfax.

Three of the violators were given a fine and expelled from the republic by the Leninogorsky District Court on November 13, the press service said.

The State Security Committee opened a criminal case against Gaprindashvili for illegal border-crossing, the statement said. According to the report, the Georgian citizen deliberately crossed the republic's state border.

The Georgian television company Rustavi 2 reported on the detention in South Ossetia of Gaprindashvili, who is a well-known doctor and president of the Georgian Orthopedic Association, on Wednesday evening.

According to Rustavi 2, Gaprindashvili was detained five days ago on the charges of illegal-border crossing.

It was reported that the doctor was in South Ossetia to assist a patient.

It was reported earlier this week that another two citizens of Georgia had been detained in South Ossetia on border-crossing charges. In particular, the Georgian State Security Service reported on Monday that residents of the village of Kodistskaro, Kaspi municipality, had been detained.