21 Nov 2019 15:42

Agriculture Ministry to make proposals on altering customs/tariff regulation in sunflower market in early 2020

MOSCOW. Nov 21 (Interfax) - The Agriculture Ministry says it is planning to make proposals on altering customs and tariff regulation in the sunflower market in early 2020.

Currently, exports of oilseed crops do not have a significant effect on the situation in the internal market, according to ministry officials.

"At this time, the Agriculture Ministry is preparing proposals on changing current customs and tariff regulation and is planning to submit them to the Sub-Commission on Customs and Tariffs, Non-Tariff Regulation, and Protective Measures in Foreign Trade at the beginning of 2020," a ministry representative told Interfax.

Exports of sunflower seeds are reported on a weekly basis, and currently, "exports of oil crops are stable and aren't having a significant effect on the internal market," the representative said.

"Increasing the gross harvest of sunflowers in 2018 facilitated the growth of export volumes this year to the 2017 level. According to preliminary estimates, the 2019 sunflower harvest will be 14.8 million tonnes, compared with 12.8 million last year, which also creates opportunities for the growth of exports of sunflower seeds this agricultural year," the representative said.

Referring to FTS data, the ministry representative said that 10M 2019 saw sunflower exports of 365,200 tonnes, compared with 61,200 in 10M 2018.

Deliveries of sunflower oil and derived products drove growth in 2019, the representative said. In 10M 2019, fat and oil products accounted for 15.9% of agricultural exports.