22 Nov 2019 15:29

Russia should continue strengthening, developing its political potential in coming 10 years - Putin

NOVO-OGARYOVO. Nov 22 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has set the task of reinforcing the country's military-technical and staff potential in the coming ten years.

"Our task for the coming decade is to continue strengthening the military, technical, and staff potential of the military organization," Putin said at a meeting of the Russian Security Council on Friday.

The president mentioned several important points that need to be given special attention.

"The first thing is to ensure balanced development of all military organization components, in the first place, through rational use of public funds and material and technical resources," he said.

Russia's material and technical resources are not that big compared to the resources other leading countries of the world provide for these purpose, Putin said.

"Secondly, it is important to improve the military organization management system. This system should be modern, reliable, multi-functional, and have advanced information and analytical systems, communication and development systems," he said.

It is necessary to establish clear interaction between defense and security agencies and bodies of authority of all levels when achieving defense and security tasks, Putin said.