25 Nov 2019 14:16

Russian, Finnish PMs to discuss bilateral matters, Russia-EU relations, situation in Baltic states, Ukraine

MOSCOW. Nov 25 (Interfax) - Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne are discussing bilateral relations and relations between Russia and the European Union.

"We worked together with your predecessors quite successfully and constructively, and I expect to have the same kind of interaction with you, especially considering that Finland is our good neighbor and good partner. Therefore, we intend to develop relations with your country," Medvedev said at the beginning of talks with Rinne on Monday.

Rinne said there were no special reasons for concern on the agenda of bilateral relations between Finland and Russia.

He invited Medvedev to discuss bilateral matters, such as cooperation between Finland and Russia in the fields of environmental protection and forestry, and exchange opinions on relations between Russia and the EU, the situation in the Baltic Sea region, Ukraine, and the Council of Europe.

Medvedev replied that the two would "definitely talk" about all these matters.

Finland is currently holding presidency of the Council of the European Union.