25 Nov 2019 20:33

Moldovan president discusses new govt tasks with U.S., Russian ambassadors

CHISINAU. Nov 25 (Interfax) - Moldovan President Igor Dodon has discussed the tasks facing his country's government with the ambassadors of Russia and the United States.

"Held a working meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Moldova Dereck Hogan. We discussed a whole host of issues concerning our strategic bilateral relations, noted our mutual interest in deeper trade relations and implementing many social, educational and humanitarian projects in Moldova with the support of U.S. partners," Dodon wrote on Facebook on Monday.

"[The two sides] also noted the supreme leadership's consolidated position on implementing the reforms to which the country has committed, and honoring all the agreements signed with foreign partners. In this respect it was confirmed that the presidential administration intended to pursue the balanced foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova," Dodon said.

Dodon and Russian Ambassador Oleg Vasnetsov "discussed the current agenda of the Moldovan-Russian partnership, recognized the steady strengthening of trade, economic and cultural ties and pointed to the presence of a broad potential for further growth."

The new Moldovan government was confirmed on November 14, two days after the resignation of Maia Sandu's government formed in June with the support of the pro-presidential Party of Socialists and the right-wing ACUM bloc thanks to the joint efforts of Russia, the U.S. and the European Union.