27 Nov 2019 14:35

VIEWPOINT: Ruble likely to remain within narrow trading ranges - Nordea Bank

MOSCOW. Nov 27 (Interfax) - The ruble is likely to trade within a narrow range in the near future, according to Nordea Bank analysts.

The ruble remained around 64 to the dollar and 70.50 to the euro in early trading on Wednesday. Amid a lack of significant events and a neutral external context, there has been no pronounced trend for the currency this week.

Global markets are still focusing on the U.S.-China trade talks. The predominantly optimistic signals in this regard have been keeping risky assets and the ruble at comfortable levels.

Wednesday is essentially the end of the active trading week, since American markets will be closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving and will have shortened hours on Friday. The placement of OFZ is unlikely to have a significant impact on the ruble, according to the analysts.

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