2 Dec 2019 15:31

Agriculture Ministry proposes creating single system for monitoring grain production, sales

MOSCOW. Dec 2 (Interfax) - The Agriculture Ministry has proposed creating a single federal system for tracking grain and derived products.

The relevant draft amendments to the Law on Grain have been published on regulation.gov.ru.

The authors of the amendments note that grain is Russia's top export but that there is no system that allows monitoring of elevators' stocks and processing facilities' balances of raw materials and finished products, making it impossible to keep track of individual regions' contributions to production and exports.

The system would contain information about companies that produce, process, store, ship, sell, and dispose of grain and grain products, about government bodies, and judicial entities and individual entrepreneurs, including ones accredited to carry out laboratory studies of grain and ones accredited to certify its compliance with EAEU standards.

The system would also contain information about grain's commercial and consumer properties.

This information would allow the creation of a register of organizations and entities involved in the production, handling, and sale of grain domestically or abroad.

"The state control (oversight) in the sphere of ensuring the quality and safety of grain and derived products envisaged by the bill is aimed at preventing harm to the lives and health of citizens, to state property, to the environment, and to the lives and health of animals and plants," the explanatory note attached to the bill reads.

The bill would give the Russian government the authority to "establish a procedure for carrying out state control (oversight) in the sphere of ensuring the quality and safety of grain and derived products."