6 Dec 2019 18:22

Poroshenko recommends that Zelensky abstain from one-on-one meeting with Putin

KYIV. Dec 6 (Interfax) - Former Ukrainian President, head of the parliamentary faction European Solidarity Petro Poroshenko has given a number of recommendations for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ahead of the Normandy-format summit on his Internet channel.

Poroshenko suggested "reconsidering the Berlin roadmap." "A key aspect is the priority of security provisions of the Minsk Agreements, including the pullout of Russian forces," he said.

"UN-led peacekeepers are another integral element of the Donbas peace process," Poroshenko said.

"The gas issue should not be put on the agenda of the Normandy-format summit so that Russia has no chance to form 'a package of agreements' disadvantageous for Ukraine, on whose basis Ukraine will make serious concessions on the political track in exchange for 'cheap' gas," Poroshenko said.

The ex-president also gave Zelensky "the most important advice: do not trust Putin. Never and in nothing." "I sincerely advise that you avoid a one-on-one meeting," Poroshenko said. He urged Zelensky not to yield to "KGB-style manipulations, flattery, and play on the president's emotions and flaws."

The Normandy-format summit will be held in Paris on December 9. The format, which promotes settlement in Ukraine, comprises Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and France.