9 Dec 2019 13:55

Russia had consolidated budget surplus of 4.46 trillion rubles in Jan-Oct - Treasury

MOSCOW. Dec 9 (Interfax) - Russia had a consolidated budget surplus of 4.456 trillion rubles in January-October 2019, the Federal Treasury said in a report posted on its website.

Consolidated budget revenue totaled 32.16 trillion rubles, with spending at 27.704 trillion rubles.

The federal budget had a surplus of 3.156 trillion rubles with revenue of 16.671 trillion rubles and expenditure of 13.515 trillion rubles. The Finance Ministry earlier estimated the federal budget's surplus for the 10M at 3.071 trillion rubles or 3.5% of GDP.

The Treasury said the consolidated budget surplus of constituent members of the Russian Federation was 1.025 trillion rubles in 10M 2019 with revenue of 10.987 trillion rubles and spending of 9.962 trillion rubles.

The budgets of state extra-budgetary funds had a surplus of 174.7 billion rubles with 9.169 trillion rubles of revenue and 8.994 trillion rubles of spending.