10 Dec 2019 12:06

Kyiv's reaffirmed commitment to Minsk Agreements is main achievement of Paris summit - Chesnakov

MOSCOW. Dec 10 (Interfax) - Moscow views the fact that Kyiv has signed the obligation to fulfill the Minsk Agreements as the main achievement of the Normandy-format summit, Center for Current Politics Director Alexei Chesnakov said on a program aired by Channel One.

"I would say the fact that the new Ukrainian president has actually signed binding documents is the main achievement. His intention to fulfill the Minsk Agreements was put on paper and essentially reaffirmed," Chesnakov said.

In the past, Kyiv allowed for the possibility of withdrawing from the Minsk Agreements, Chesnakov said. "He said a short time ago that they might quit the Minsk Agreements and other things like that. Now, his nose can be rubbed in these documents and he can be told that they have be committed since it says there 'commitment to the Minsk Agreements'," he said.

"Zelensky's attempt to review the Minsk Agreements, i.e., to call for handing over border control before the election and the refusal to legalize the special status of Donbas in the Constitution, has failed," Chesnakov said.