11 Dec 2019 16:43

Surkov describes Avakov's words about his nervous breakdown in Paris as fantasies of man not allowed to attend talks

MOSCOW. Dec 11 (Interfax) - Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov has said he does not view the talks at the Normandy Four summit in Paris as difficult and described Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov's statements about him as fantasies.

The Ukrainian interior minister told journalists earlier that Surkov allegedly "had a nervous breakdown" during the discussion of control over the border with Russia at the summit in Paris.

Surkov told the Kommersant newspaper, commenting on Avakov's statement, that no such thing happened at the talks.

"The Paris talks were neither particularly difficult, nor emotionally charged. If anything, they were long. As for Avakov's fantasies, his own words are the best commentary on them. In the same interview, where he describes the members of the Russian delegation, he also provides important information about himself. He said that he, - and I quote, - 'wasn't anywhere near' the talks," Surkov said.