12 Dec 2019 10:49

Putin thanks Zhirinovsky for work promoting national development

MOSCOW. Dec 12 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated Russian Liberal Democratic Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky and all party members on the approaching 30th anniversary of the party and cited its role in national development.

"I congratulate you, all your party members, and all of your supporters on this occasion," Putin told Zhirinovsky at a meeting. The activity of the Liberal Democratic Party has become a real force in Russia's political life, he said. "Allow me to thank you for everything you have been doing for national development, both in the State Duma and in your current activities," Putin said.

He underlined Zhirinovsky's unwavering patriotic stance. "We may argue about how to achieve certain results and objectives, but I know that you sincerely want the country to have a better life, to be stronger, and to feel more confident, and you wish for people to live a more comfortable life," Putin said.

Zhirinovsky thanked Putin and told him some facts about the Liberal Democratic Party's history and current activity, including a number of proposals made by the Liberal Democrats.