16 Dec 2019 13:39

Ten Moscow courts evacuated over anonymous bomb scares

MOSCOW. Dec 16 (Interfax) - Ten district courts received bomb threats in Moscow on Monday, the Moscow City Court press service told Interfax.

"People have now been evacuated from the Shcherbinsky, Savyolovsky, Kuntsevsky, Dorogomilosky, Kuzminsky, Koptevsky, Khamovnichesky, Khoroshevsky, Chertanovsky, and Nikulinsky district courts due to bomb scares," a city court official said

In total, some 1,000 employees and visitors were evacuated, the courts said.

About 1,000 staff members and visitors were evacuated.

Representatives of several courts that received bomb threats told Interfax earlier that in a number of cases the messages said the threats would continue until businessman Konstantin Malofeyev "repays his debt of 120 bitcoins stolen from the WEX exchange." Similar messages were received by courts in St. Petersburg.

A wave of false bomb threats to Moscow and St. Petersburg courts began on November 28.