17 Dec 2019 16:10

Russian Econ Ministry creating artificial intelligence dept

MOSCOW. Dec 17 (Interfax) - The Russian Economic Development Ministry will form an artificial intelligence and innovation department, Deputy Economic Development Minister Oksana Tarasenko responsible at the ministry for this area, told Interfax.

Tarasenko said that the department is being set up based on the department of strategic development and innovation.

"The former department will be completely reshaped, with only relevant topics left there," said Tarasenko.

Tarasenko said that Pavel Khristenko will head the department.

As previously reported responsibility for AI matters is being transferred to the Economic Development Ministry from and the Communications Ministry.

"Initially, AI was seen as the E2E digital technology. However, the influence and importance of AI in the economic development of Russia, as well as the prospects of the technology, have led to the necessity to change the body responsible - the goals of the federal project are in line with the goals and tasks of the Economic Ministry," said Tarasenko when explaining the reason for the change to Interfax.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in October approved the national artificial intelligence development strategy for the period until 2030. The strategy lays down the goals and principal tasks of the development of artificial intelligence in Russia and AI applications to the benefit of national interests and strategic national priorities, including those in the scientific and technology field.