17 Dec 2019 17:39

Advanced Special Economic Zone to be set up for Novatek project in Murmansk to create Offshore Superfacility Construction Yard

MURMANSK. Dec 17 (Interfax) - An Advanced Special Economic Zone or ASEZ will be to be set up for the project by gas company Novatek in Murmansk to build an Offshore Superfacility Construction Yard, or OSCY, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev said during a meeting of the State Commission for the Arctic.

"Novatek's OSCY will operate in Murmansk. There will be nothing like this in Russia or anywhere else in the world. This is a major project for the Murmansk region and we will be supporting it. An ASEZ will be set up for the project. The Eastern Development Ministry will have a month to submit the corresponding document to the government," Trutnev said.

Andrei Chibis, the Murmansk region's governor, said that "for the successful implementation of the projects mentioned, the priority task is to set up an ASEZ in the Murmansk region, in territories adjacent to the Kola Bay, as part of planned measures of state support for entrepreneurial activity in the territory of the Arctic zone.

The OSCY will build offshore complexes for producing, storing, and transshipping LNG and stable gas condensate and for maintaining and servicing offshore equipment used to develop offshore oil, gas, and condensate fields.