19 Dec 2019 18:18

Putin: Word 'consecutive' could be removed from constitutional provision on number of terms same person can serve as president

MOSCOW. Dec 19 (Interfax) - The word 'consecutive' could be removed from the Russian constitutional provision limiting the time during which the same person can serve as president by "two consecutive terms."

"What could be done concerning these terms in office is removing the 'consecutive' clause," Putin said at a major press conference on Thursday when asked about amendments he believes could be made to the Russian constitution.

Such an amendment has been prompted by a position assumed by some politicians and political analysts, he said.

"Your humble servant served two terms, then left this office and had the constitutional right to return to the presidential office, because this was not two consecutive terms," Putin said.

This clause "disturbs some of our political analysts and public figures," Putin said. "Well, perhaps it could be abolished," he said.