19 Dec 2019 21:51

Poll: 40% of Ukrainians positively view outcomes of Normandy-format summit in Paris

KYIV. Dec 19 (Interfax) - About 40% of Ukrainian citizens view the outcomes of the Normandy-format summit in Paris on December 9 as President Volodymyr Zelensky's success, about half view them neutrally, and 7% believe they were unsuccessful, the Sociological Group Rating found after conducting a public opinion poll.

As many as 66% of the respondents said they were well aware of the Normandy-format summit in Paris, 20% that they heard something about it, and 12% were completely unaware.

The number of Ukrainians having positive attitudes toward German Chancellor Angela Merkel has grown to 69% from 60%, and toward French President Emmanuel Macron to 52% from 39 following the summit.

Merkel has become a foreign leader having the highest approval ratings among Ukrainians for the first time in the past five years; following Merkel is currently Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who is positively viewed by 65% of the respondents.

The respondents' attitude toward Russian President Vladimir Putin has remained the same, with 16% of those polled having a positive and 72% a negative attitude toward him.

The number of respondents seeing Russia as an aggressor country with regard to Ukraine has grown to 70% from 64% over the past month, while 21% hold the opposite view.

Nearly two thirds of the respondents support diplomatic ways of resolving the problem of Donbas. In particular, 38% approve of the idea to stop the fighting, recognize the territories as temporarily occupied ones, and freeze the conflict; 22% believe these territories should be granted autonomy within Ukraine, 8% that they should be completely separated from Ukraine, and 16% that the fighting should be continued until Kyiv fully regains control over the whole of Donbas.

The number of supporters of military methods in dealing with Donbas has declined over the past month.

The number of people supporting a pro-European course of Ukraine's development and the idea of joining the European Union grew to 60% in December from 57% in November, and the number of those supporting accession to NATO grew to 52% from 48% in November.

The Sociological Group Rating interviewed 2,500 respondents aged 18 and older on December 13-17, 2019.