27 Dec 2019 11:23

Russia sends 2 medical units to northeastern Syria - Russian deputy defense minister

MOSCOW. Dec 27 (Interfax) - Russia has dispatched two medical units to northeastern Syria to work with the local population, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said.

"Two special operations medical units have been deployed in the northeast of Syria to provide medical aid to the civilian population in need of it," Fomin said in an interview with the ministry's official newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda.

Syria is continuing to implement an initiative to help Syrian refugees and internally displaced people return to places where they lived before the war, he said.

"At the same time, an acute, outstanding issue remains the future of refugees from the Rukban camp in the United States-controlled Al-Tanf zone in southern Syria. The conditions in the camp are inhumane and are contributing to high mortality rates. Basically, there is a shortage of food and drinking water. Medical aid is also absent," Foman said.