2 Jan 2020 12:05

First S-350 Vityaz system to arrive at base in January

MOSOCW. Jan 02 (Interfax) - The first air defense missile system S-350 Vityaz will arrive at base in January, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"In 2019 the Aerospace Forces for the first time received a new S-350 Vityaz system will arrive at base in January 2020," the ministry told Interfax on Tuesday.

The system will be delivered to the Aerospace Forces' training center in the Leningrad region. In all, 12 Vityaz battalions are due to be delivered in 2021-2027, Lieut. Gen. Vladimir Lyaporov, head of the Aerospace Defense Military Academy, had said.

The system was designed and is made by Almaz-Antey which claims that its core characteristics make it far superior to a NATO counterpart.

Vityaz is equipped with a non-serviceable fire-control radar which can detect and pursue targets, launch missiles, send instructions to a standalone command and control station fully automatically. The crew's task is to control the system's operation and give a command to shoot a target.

The S-350's multirole radar can operate both in sectoral and circular mode, enabling the task of constructing a circular zone of simultaneous target-shooting with the use of surface-to-air guided missiles with active radar seekers.

Unlike its predecessors Vtiyaz can pursue many more targets simultaneously, increasing its firepower, which is crucial when repelling massive strikes by cruise missiles, others means of aerial destruction and high-precision weapons including heavy lift drones.