10 Jan 2020 09:51

Abkhaz president believes all issues should be discussed at talks

SUKHUM. Jan 10 (Interfax) - Abkhazia's President Raul Khajimba has underscored the need to discuss all issues in the course of negotiations, rejecting a parliamentary appeal for him to voluntarily step down, Khajimba's press service said in a statement circulated on Thursday evening.

"Despite its declared goal - to avert further destabilization, the appeal adopted by parliament can only complicate the social and political situation and can lead to irreversible consequences for the country," the press service said.

"Representatives of the opposition said many times that they would wait to see the Supreme Court's decision on the election results and would strictly abide by the law," the press service said.

"However, realizing that its demands have no prospects at court, the opposition has decided to switch to radical methods," it said.

"For the sake of achieving nationwide accord and maintaining stability, the president of Abkhazia deems it necessary to discuss all issues at the negotiating table," the press service said.

Opposition activists and supporters started a protest demonstration in Sukhum on Thursday. They insisted that the incumbent president actually did not garner enough vote in the presidential elections in 2019 and demanded that new elections be called. The protest started near the Abkhaz Drama Theater, after which the activists moved toward the presidential office and attempted to storm it. They blockaded the building later in the evening.