15 Jan 2020 16:05

It is technically not difficult to organize free access to socially significant resources - Internet ombudsman

MOSCOW. Jan 15 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin's initiative on providing free access to socially significant domestic Internet services is technically easy to implement, Internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev said.

"A very good proposal. And it practically does not infringe on the commercial interests of providers, and it also generally improves citizens' life. It's not difficult for providers to do it. Essentially, we now see tariffs where access to social networks is provided everywhere and always and there is no fee for traffic on them," Marinichev told Interfax.

In his address to the Federal Assembly, Putin set the task to provide nationwide free access to socially significant domestic Internet services.

Marinichev said he believes socially significant services are portals with state participation, for example, state services, tax services, financial transactions, emergency services, out-patient clinics, etc. "The list of sites can be approved by the government. The main thing is that there should be no excessive requirements on the register of such services," the ombudsman said.