16 Jan 2020 21:45

Putin introduces Duma bill on Security Council deputy chairman

MOSCOW. Jan 16 (Interfax) - A presidential bill introducing the office of deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council was placed in the draft legislation database of the lower house of parliament on Thursday.

"The draft federal law introduces the office of deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, one of the permanent members of the Russian Security Council," an explanatory note accompanying the bill says.

The bill also sets out the relevant appointment and dismissal procedure.

The deputy chairman shall be appointed and dismissed by the president of Russia, who will also determine his powers.

The deputy chairman shall have the duty to "report in a manner established in presidential decrees of any personal interest arising while in office, which has led or may lead to a conflict of interest, and take steps to settle or prevent such a conflict," the bill says.

No such obligation is proposed for other members of the Security Council.

Earlier on Thursday, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree introducing the new office to the list of government positions.

Another presidential decree appoints Medvedev to the job after relieving him of his duties as head of government.

The president is chairman of the Security Council.